Perfect product application, every time

5 hair hacks for perfect product(s) application (and the best blow out ever!)


  1. Prime your hair: It's easiest to apply product evenly to hair that's tangle-free and porosity balanced. Before using your styling products, towel dry and apply a lightweight leave-in conditioner like Flygirls' Instant Beauty Balm), combing through evenly from root to tip. This will equalize the porosity of your hair and even out the absorption of the rest of your products. 
  1. Target your product: Placing product in the right place = a better and longer lasting blow out. Volumizers work best near the scalp, cremes and texturizers can be worked through to ends. Serums are best applied to mid-shaft and ends, avoiding the root area, except for at the hairline where hair can be frizziest. Spray dry shampoo at the root to eliminates oils and add volume or spray all over for sexy, tousled texture. 
  1.  Distribute evenlyHow you place your hair products is just as important as where; place product in the center of your palm, then rub hands together to distribute over palms and fingers. This warms the product (for better penetration into the hair cuticle) and creates an even film over both hands, preventing you from placing too much or too little in any area. Run your fingers through hair to distribute evenly.
  1. Layer your faves: Layering your styling products = great results. Here's the order that will 'seal the deal' for bouncy, shiny locks that 'go' all day: First, prime & condition and comb through. Next, layer on smoothing or curl-enhancing cremes. Then add a few drops of glossing serum or pomade to add shine and prevent frizz. Lastly, mist holding spray or dry shampoo over the finished 'do' and go all day!
  1. Plan ahead for touch ups: Flygirls' travel and to-go sized options are perfect to toss in your tote for a quick touch-up anytime day or night.

p.s Why do stylists layer lots of products when we do your hair? Because we want it all! They're our tools to balance condition, equalize porosity, eliminate frizz, smooth the cuticle and add shine and all day hold. 

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